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Daniel Ponce De Leon and Kevin Hoskins Brawl During Sparring Session (Video)

Here's some video of Daniel Ponce De Leon and Kevin Hoskins getting rowdy during a sparring session. Hoskins lands a few good shots, corners Ponce De Leon, and then once they're out, a bell sounds and Ponce De Leon cracks him with a left, followed by Hoskins throwing a leg trip and then attempting to land an Ndamukong Suh stomp to the downed Ponce De Leon. After all of that, it's broken up and Ponce throws a kick at a held Hoskins.

There's some discussion about whether that's the 30-second bell (which appears to sound at the start of the video, not when PDL lands the left), and it's strange that Ponce De Leon landed that left hand and nobody made any moves or went, "Oh!" or anything until Hoskins grappled him and took him down, after which everyone got in the ring and broke it up.

But the point of this is not so much that it's a big deal or that it's some black mark on either guy or anything. The point is more that this is the kind of stuff that happens sometimes. You've got Ponce De Leon, a former titleholder and veteran fighter, and you've got Hoskins, a 21-year-old from Los Angeles with a 4-0 (3 KO) career record who popped and cornered Ponce De Leon pretty good here. Adrenalin got going, I'm sure. And most likely, neither of these guys much cares that this happened now, and may not have much cared all of an hour later.

Ponce De Leon (41-4, 34 KO) returns to the ring on January 21 in Mexico.

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