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Marco Antonio Rubio Is Overweight For His Fight With Matt Vanda

More news from the WBC conference! Reports from Fight News found that Marco Antonio Rubio was overweight by 1.5 pounds for his middleweight fight with Matt Vanda. Rubio has chosen not to try to take off the weight. By taking this option, Rubio will vacate his WBC Latino nobodycares belt and will have to pay a fine of $1,500 to Vanda. This is the right decision since there is no reason to risk losing to Vanda from side effects of weight draining. Rubio does have some nice options if he can get bait either Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. or Sergio Martinez. Rubio's name has already been tossed around as a potential opponent for JCC jr. While it wouldn't be the greatest matchup (*cough* take the mandatory *cough*), Rubio is a fun fighter and JCC jr is an entertainer.

Rubio is best known for beating the overhyped David Lemieux and giving Kelly Pavlik a surprisingly decent fight in a loss. Matt Vanda is simply not that good with recent losses to Ossie Duran and Andy Kolle. I have no idea who those guys are but apparently they are better than Matt Vanda. Vanda is probably best known for taking Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. the distance to a split decision, which some people scored for Vanda. I view this result as a benchmark of how far Chavez has come in recent fights. If JCC jr. were to rematch Vanda, Junior would absolutely dominate the fight.

This fight between Vanda and Rubio should be a good chance to see Rubio shine and to see if he can hang with a fighter like Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. or if he could be a fun opponent for Sergio Martinez. Do you think Rubio would make a good matchup for with Martinez or Chavez?

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