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Ward vs Froch Results: Carl Froch's Trainer Optimistic About Comeback From Loss, Gives Ward Full Credit

Carl Froch will come back strong in 2012, says trainer Robert McCracken. (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)
Carl Froch will come back strong in 2012, says trainer Robert McCracken. (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)
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In a radio interview with Sportweek in the UK, Carl Froch's trainer Robert McCracken said he expects the now-former WBC super middleweight titlist to come back and look for a third world title next year, and gave full credit to Andre Ward, the man who defeated Froch last night in Atlantic City.

McCracken stated that Froch is obviously disappointed, but Team Froch doesn't sound like they have any regrets, either.

"He's had a fantastic run of fights, representing Britain brilliantly at the elite level of world boxing, and had some fantastic victories," said McCracken. "But like all the fighters at elite level, they don't win them all. And he's come up short against a pretty special fighter in Andre Ward."

"Ward was very fast, very slick, very good. (Froch) struggled to get the shots off early, started to make some headway down the stretch. He seemed to be troubling Ward the last three rounds. But it wasn't to be. Ward was very good on the night. Carl will come back from that, come back stronger."

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McCracken expressed no doubts that at 34 and having achieved quite a bit already in the sport, Froch will come back to boxing and come back looking to stay at the top level in 2012.

"Oh, for sure. For sure he'll want to continue boxing. I mean, he's lost a points decision to pretty much what they're billing as the next Floyd Mayweather out here," said McCracken.

"He's very good, Andre Ward. He's beaten everybody easily in his career. He won the fight tonight, I don't think easily, but he won the fight tonight. He's very good. But Carl showed himself to be a fantastic fighter in this Super Six tournament, a great world champion, and he will come back like they all do at this level."

"I think he has a real desire that's within him. He's obviously very disappointed, and he's already talking about what he did wrong. His slow start, and he just wasn't getting off sharply enough. Obviously Ward was very good and very tricky. I think his next ambition is to be three-time world champion, and for sure he can do it."

McCracken also notes that Froch has been told before that he couldn't succeed at the highest levels of the sport, and that he's proven doubters wrong before.

"He wants to come back and try and reclaim his title, and there's no saying that he can't do it, as he's shown in his past."

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