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Edison Miranda vs Kariz Kariuki: Full Fight Video

Thanks to Goossen Tutor Promotions, here's the full fight from Saturday's Ward vs Froch undercard between light heavyweights Edison Miranda and Kariz Kariuki.

Miranda (35-6, 30 KO) wins without much trouble and all, and the left hook that basically stops the bout is pretty great, but here a couple of questions:

  1. Doesn't he still look soft, slow, and worn out as a light heavyweight? The man is just not a light heavyweight, and frankly I think he's given up on being a contender. (Which is fine, he got enough shots.)
  2. Why doesn't the referee replace Kariuki's mouthpiece when it's knocked out? He certainly has a stoppage in action with which to address that.

This is about the level Miranda will be on from here on out. He's going to beat guys like this and occasionally lose to slightly better guys than this, and if he ever gets another undeserved shot at a top fighter, he'll lose badly like he's been doing since Kelly Pavlik beat the snot out of him in 2007.

But I'll always watch Miranda fight. It's not like he wastes my time with boring exhibitions.

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