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Yordanis Despaigne vs Cornelius White: Full Fight Video

Thanks to Goossen Tutor Promotions, here's the full fight from Saturday's Ward vs Froch undercard, as Cornelius White upsets Yordanis Despaigne.

This fight kind of "does it" for Despaigne (9-2, 4 KO), though for now his February 3 rematch with Edison Miranda appears to remain on. I guess there's no reason to call it off -- Despaigne vs Miranda had some action in July, and a controversial finish, and what Cornelius White (18-1, 15 KO) is doing doesn't really have any impact on whether or not a rematch is worthwhile. It is, kind of, but it's now become a weaker FNF main event than it was going to be, assuming it goes through.

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But Despaigne, 31, just isn't much to write home about. Maybe he looked past White, or maybe he's just not that good. Or maybe White, 30, is worth keeping a few tabs on from this point. Maybe all of those things! Boxing is a fun sport. Things don't always make sense.

White clearly won this fight. No controversy with this decision.

After the jump, White's post-fight interview.

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