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Cotto vs Margarito 2: Al Bernstein's Keys to Victory for Both Fighters (Video)

Al Bernstein gives the Keys to Victory for both Miguel Cotto and Antonio Margarito in their HBO pay-per-view rematch on Saturday night from Madison Square Garden. Al will be all the way on the other coast calling the Agbeko vs Mares fight, but obviously he's still interested in what goes down in this one.

Al's Keys for Miguel Cotto:

  1. Box effectively: "Enough lateral movement, and land big shots, as he was for the first six rounds of their first fight. He did it perfectly."
  2. Throw combinations: "Also a staple of what he did in that first fight."
  3. Stay off the ropes: "That was devastating to him in the first fight, and it would be in this fight, as well."

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Al's Keys for Antonio Margarito:

  1. Push the pace: "He's a pressure fighter and Cotto caved to that pressure ultimately in their first fight, whether it was helped by plaster of paris or not. That's Margarito's game plan."
  2. Get Cotto to the ropes: "If he can put him there, he can land those big power shots to the body and head."
  3. Work the body: "He's gotta work the body very effectively, I think especially early in that fight."

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