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Cotto vs Margarito 2: Watch the Full Pay-Per-View Preview Show (Video)

Here's the full pay-per-view preview show that will air tomorrow night before the Miguel Cotto vs Antonio Margarito event goes live from Madison Square Garden.

Cotto (36-2, 29 KO) and Margarito (38-7, 27 KO) have surprised me by drawing as much interest as they have for this fight. Honestly, if you look at it just a hair cynically as a boxing fan, this is a fight between a couple of faded guys, and one that you can very easily argue shouldn't be happening at all.

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But people buy Nickelback albums, and they go see Adam Sandler movies, and they watch Jersey Shore, and apparently this fight has enough legit bad blood and intrigue to bring the drama that hooks in the casual fans. I'm not complaining really; I'm fine with it, and especially happy that Top Rank has, to give them their credit, put together a terrific overall show that hopefully people actually watch if they order the pay-per-view, instead of just waiting until midnight to turn the sound on.

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(Seriously, people do this. I've seen it. They order a pay-per-view and don't watch the undercard. Maybe that's why they always feel all "ripped off," because they paid $60 for one fight instead of four. Anyway, if you're one of those people, watch this entire show, ya dummy.)

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