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Pirog’s Promoter Responds To Golovkin’s Trainer

Would Dmitry Pirog benefit from a potential matchup with Gennady Golovkin?  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Would Dmitry Pirog benefit from a potential matchup with Gennady Golovkin? (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
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In a recent interview, Gennady Golovkin's trainer Abel Sanchez said that his fighter really wants to fight Dmitry Pirog. A quick refresher on the belt situation, Golovkin is the "regular" WBA middleweight champion and Pirog is the WBO middleweight champion. Despite this apparent interest, Golovkin's team has never sent a proposal over to Pirog's team. This led Pirog's co-promoter to Abel Sanchez to respond via Boxing Scene.

"I don't know Abel Sánchez, and I was bewildered by his statement. We never received a proposal from Golovkin either. In this case, you can say that Gennady makes proposals to fight anyone, but not Pirog. Gennady is a very talented Boxer, but we have unequal conditions in this situation. On the one hand, we have the WBO champion and on the other side is the "regular" WBA champion, where the real WBA champion is Felix Sturm. Right now we have to first consider the possibility of making an interesting unification with one of the [full] champions of the WBC, WBA or IBF. At the same time, we follow the career of Golovkin and support him when he wins, but now he needs to have a few fights with some interesting adversaries to raise his popularity level."

I would assume that both of these guys would want either a fight with Felix Sturm or Sergio Martinez. Dmitry Pirog has really wasted the opportunity that he got after his shocking KO of Danny Jacobs. He has fought two guys in Russia without much fanfare. A fight with Golovkin would be a good way to get back at least being in the conversation for top middleweights. Meanwhile, Golovkin is coming off a very impressive destruction of Lajuan Simon. It seems that Golovkin has decent power and looks like a decent opponent for someone like Martinez. I would like to think of this possible fight as an eliminator to face Martinez or Strum. Both of these fighters aren't getting any younger and they need to step up soon. Do you guys think that this would be a good middleweight matchup?

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