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Alfredo Angulo vs James Kirkland: Full Fight Video from HBO

Courtesy HBO Sports, here's the full fight video of the November 5 slugfest between Alfredo Angulo and James Kirkland in Mexico, which featured a Round of the Year contender in the opening three minutes, and then became a one-way street of brutality in favor of the road fighter from Austin, Texas.

After this fight, I think it's fair to seriously question just how good Alfredo Angulo is, but then again I never thought he was particularly great. Fun to watch, but extremely limited and to me, a poor man's Antonio Margarito in just about every way. Guys with any skill, good stamina, and the ability to not get trucked by his rushes will always give him serious fits. The two best fighters he's faced have beaten him.

As for Kirkland, 2012 could be a big year for the ferocious brawler if he can stay on the straight and narrow. Ann Wolfe gets results from him, and they've become one of the best partnerships in boxing.

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