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Khan vs Peterson: Freddie Roach Says Peterson Is Khan's Toughest Test (Video)

Freddie Roach was elected to the Hall of Fame on Tuesday, but he's got no time to worry about that. The man who trained Manny Pacquiao for his November 12 fight, and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr for his November 19 fight, now has his attention firmly on Amir Khan's fight on Saturday with Lamont Peterson.

Luke Thomas of MMA Nation spoke with Roach yesterday.

On Lamont Peterson being Amir Khan's toughest test to date:

"He's big, he has the height, he's the tallest guy we've ever fought. He's very good in the pocket. He can box, he can punch. He's a good all-around fighter. He's a very tough opponent."

On whether Peterson is physically stronger than Khan:

"In the pocket, yeah, he is. With the wide shoulders and the strength on the inside, that's where he's at his strongest. But from distance, Amir is a little bit stronger. Faster and stronger."

On the speed difference between Khan and Peterson:

"Peterson has a real quick jab, but the thing is he doesn't really throw for power like Amir does. I think Amir has a little bit more power with his speed. I think they're very close."

On Cotto vs Margarito II:

"I thought (Cotto) fought a very good fight. He stole some moves from Manny Pacquiao, and it worked well for him. ... The under and out. Just changing direction on a guy, going under and out. A great move against a guy who follows you all night long. One thing about Margarito, he's a tough guy, but he's not a great fighter. Technique, he follows you all night long, he doesn't know how to cut the ring off. He got exposed."

On whether Khan is tougher for Mayweather than Pacquiao:

"I'd like to see both."

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