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Khan vs Peterson: Amir Khan Firm On Move to Welterweight After Saturday (Video)

Amir Khan was mobbed by media during his media time yesterday, but Luke Thomas of MMA Nation did manage to sneak in a couple of brief questions, which means he got everyone yesterday, except Fernando Guerrero, I guess, and maybe he wasn't even there, I don't know.

On whether Saturday is for sure his last fight at 140:

"Yeah. No more tests at this weight. We've proven that we're the best in this division. And there's no one touching us. Hopefully we get past Lamont Peterson and then there's superfights at 147."

On Miguel Cotto:

"Cotto had a great performance. Cotto's a great fighter, and I'm a big fan of Cotto. He deserves the win. (Would you fight him at 147?) ... Yeah, definitely, I'd fight him at 147."

I can't blame him for talking about it (and particularly just answering a question here), but for a guy going into a tough fight, which he does seem to know is a tough fight, Khan sure is inviting criticism that he's looking past Lamont Peterson. I'm not saying he is, or that that criticism is particularly fair, but he's inviting it anyway.

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