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Showtime Hoping to Reschedule Ramos vs Rigondeaux and Tavoris Cloud

After canceling the scheduled New Year's Eve boxing double-header, Showtime has stated that they do plan to reschedule the super bantamweight title fight between Rico Ramos and Guillermo Rigondeaux, and that they still intend to bring Tavoris Cloud to the network in 2012.

"Unfortunately, we had to cancel this telecast," said Chris DeBlasio, Vice President, Sports Communications for the network.

"But the good news is we are actively looking for a new night to showcase these talented fighters on Showtime. Ramos vs Rigondeaux is an important fight in the deep super bantamweight division. And Tavoris Cloud is a force at light heavyweight. We anticipate his Showtime debut."

The show was canceled earlier today, with Showtime reportedly choosing to pass on Gabriel Campillo as a replacement opponent for Zsolt Erdei, who was to face Cloud in the main event. While there have been questions as to why Showtime would choose to pass on Campillo, who is every bit the legitimate contender and non-name that Erdei is, the general feeling going around is that the show didn't have incredible backing to begin with.

It's also hard to not wonder how many tickets had been sold to the show. It was a rough night, and Anaheim had a terrible draw just this past weekend for the Mares vs Agbeko card.

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