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Jorge Arce vs Tomas Rojas: Rojas Says He Took a Dive, Watch the Fight For Yourself (Video)

A big controversy has kicked up in Mexico, as Tomas Rojas says that he did take a dive in a 2007 fight in Las Vegas against Jorge Arce.

Here's the fight. It's definitely worth watching.

The whole story started earlier this week, and Rojas initially denied ever telling the reporter who broke the story that he had taken a dive against Arce. But now he says that he did tell that reporter, but that he told him in confidence, off the record, and is questioning the reporter's ethics and all of that.

Of course, Rojas is the one who took a dive, or so he says.

For Arce's part, the popular Mexican warrior has denied any knowledge of a fixed outcome, and there are plenty who doubt Rojas' story. The body shot which effectively ends the fight can be seen above, at a great angle -- and there's no doubt it lands hard and in a spot where we've seen plenty of fighters stopped over the years.

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