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Ward vs Froch: Fight Camp 360 Episode 11 (Video)

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Here's the full 11th episode of Fight Camp 360, covering the December 17 Super Six World Boxing Classic final, between Andre Ward and Carl Froch:

If you missed episode 10, click here.

I'm hoping Showtime will keep FC360 around without the tournaments they've run (or a Pacquiao fight), but that's a budget issue as much as anything, I suspect. I'd love to see a two-part version for the February 11 rematch between Victor Ortiz and Andre Berto, for instance -- that's a great story, and really, that fight is just as much a "make or break" scenario this time as it was last April.

Maybe even a half hour devoted to Paul Williams, particularly if Erislandy Lara is on the same card on January 21. Williams is actually a really interesting guy on the occasions he speaks for himself, and Lara's story is a good one, too.

I'm just hoping it doesn't go away without something "major" or unique to promote -- it's a good series that lets the fighters speak for themselves, and has shown guys at their best and worst.