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Official Pacquiao-Mosley Poster for MGM Grand

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

And here it is, the official Pacquiao-Mosley poster from the MGM Grand. The Showtime PPV fight is set for May 7, and like all Manny fights, I'm managing to talk myself into being excited about it, just because it has Manny Pacquiao.


Don't forget to check out The Fight Poster Project here at Bad Left Hook, which I'm slowly but surely getting properly updated again.

Since we're on the subject, here's a question for everyone. Has your anticipation level upped any, as mine has, for this fight? Or are you still seeing it the same as you did when it was signed? I don't really think this is any better of a fight than I did at first, but I always get boxing romantic about a fight like this once it starts truly drawing near. It's totally unavoidable for me. I start telling myself that even if it's not the fight I want, Manny's Manny and I should revel in the bouts he has left, unless it's something truly absurd like they match him up with Pawel Wolak or Matthew Hatton next. And Shane Mosley being one of my very favorite fighters even allows me to slightly ignore that I think he's finished in the ring. Styles make fights, which is what the promoter folks are throwing out as a line for this one to seem more competitive on paper, but they never bother telling me how Mosley's style is going to actually give Manny any problems, because to me, Mosley is a guy who has no defense anymore, has lost his speed, is trigger-shy, and isn't exactly facing a lumbering guy who comes right at you like Margarito was, and Margarito's the last guy he beat, over two years ago.

Oops, I may have talked myself back out of this one...

Anyway, there's the poster, so answer my questions! Community! Interact!

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