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Cotto-Mayorga Weigh-In Live Results

Miguel Cotto and Ricardo Mayorga weigh in today for Saturday's fight in Las Vegas. We'll let you know if Cotto has his Superman undies again. (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)
Miguel Cotto and Ricardo Mayorga weigh in today for Saturday's fight in Las Vegas. We'll let you know if Cotto has his Superman undies again. (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)
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Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Bad Left Hook will be here with live updates from the Cotto-Mayorga weigh-in in Las Vegas, which you can view along with us on Top Rank's live stream here.

Hey! Starting quicker than I thought!

First up: Heavyweights Tom Zbikowski and Richard Bryant.

Bryant is from London, Kentucky and looks in...well, OK shape for a knockaround guy and part-time boxer. Zbikowski looks in awesome shape, as you'd expect. Zbikowski tips the scales at 193 pounds. I missed Bryant's weight, but do you really care that much? This will apparently go second on the PPV card.

They're doing a really corny bit on how Mayorga smokes and drinks during training camp, which I think long ago was revealed as a gimmick. This is about as convincing as it gets, though! Some hype for Pacquiao-Mosley at the same arena, and a promo for the fight. The Top Rank stream is far better quality than usual. We'll continue to update this post with the weigh-ins as they roll in, so stick with us!

Junior Middleweights: Pawel Wolak v. Yuri Foreman

Wolak comes in at 154 pounds, looks in fine shape. Foreman looks fit and comes in at 155, so he's a pound over the normal limit for the division. No idea if they had a one-pound give catchweight, because they rarely talk it up when they do, or if he'll have to lose a pound, or whatever.

More cheese from the emcee. Good voice, though. Very professional man. Here's a shot of the Vegas skyline at night. Meanwhile it's afternoon in Las Vegas. Don't lie to me. Apparently this is an "epic settling of scores."

Voiceover calls them "welterweights Miguel Cotto and Ricardo Mayorga." Mayorga hasn't been a welterweight in eight years. Talk about how cool and calm Cotto is. Mayorga isn't, though! He smokes tobacco!!!

Bob Arum is a great promoter but he shouldn't do hype. He's awful at it. "This fight is going to end with a knockout...with Miguel Cotto's hand raised! ... Because Miguel the Pride of Puerto Rico!" Oh! Then Don King gets rolling. "Unfortunately, Bob Arum has sacrificed Cotto. I feel bad about that. I feel bad about it." King is hilarious with a mic in his hand. Holy shit, King is really on his game for this one. He just went into a six-second laugh that sounded truly crazy. Mic keeps cutting out. Arum is just awful. Hilariously awful. "Lonesome Bob, Puerto Rico, mi casa su casa!" King is insane.

King hypes up Mayorga's potential chances against Manny Pacquiao. Then Arum and King shake hands with all the sincerity and warmth of two snakes saying hello.

Main Event: Miguel Cotto v. Ricardo Mayorga

Mayorga up first, of course. Guess I missed the Vazquez-Zappavigna weigh-in, but, like, oh well. I'm sure it went by without much trouble. Mayorga does look to be in good shape, and weighs in at 154 on the button, then drops to his knees to thank divine spirits for helping him make weight.

Cotto hits the stage. Crowd is overwhelmingly pro-Cotto, as you'd expect. Cotto is not in his Superman underpants this time. Mayorga offers him a rose. Cotto is also at 154. Mayorga whistles at Cotto and makes a big scene by himself, challenging Cotto to come join him for photos. King joins Mayorga in taunting. Cotto again refuses to pose for photos with Mayorga. Boy you can cut the fake hatred with a knife.

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