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Video: Lucian Bute and Brian Magee Weigh In

Brian Magee came in at 167.7 and Lucian Bute at 167.6 for tomorrow night's fight at the Bell Centre in Montreal. Bute is putting his undefeated record (27-0, 22 KO) and alphabet soup belt on the line against Magee (34-3, 24 KO), the decided underdog from Northern Ireland.

If you missed our preview for the fight the other day, you can read it in this article. A brief summary for those unfamiliar with the fight, or with either of the fighters:

[Bute would] have to have a serious off night or get caught with something massive to lose this fight, though. In terms of all-around ability, Bute is two levels higher than the gritty Magee. To be honest, I'm glad Magee is getting the fight instead of someone who would only be doing it for the money involved with fighting Bute in Montreal on Showtime. Magee could have passed on the opportunity and been happy to reign as king of the European super middleweights a while longer, against opponents he would be sure he could beat, but he's taking the risk and saying to hell with the relatively small potatoes. At 35, this is almost surely the last time he's going to get a chance like this. I hope he comes out hard and fast and makes Bute fight. But no matter what he does, I expect Bute to have way too much in his arsenal.

Bad Left Hook will have live coverage of Bute-Magee on Showtime tomorrow night at 10pm EDT.

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