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Weekend Weights: Saul Alvarez Heavy on the Scales

Saul Alvarez came in heavy for Saturday's fight with Matthew Hatton. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
Saul Alvarez came in heavy for Saturday's fight with Matthew Hatton. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
Getty Images
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Saul Alvarez came in overweight for his 150-pound catchweight bout with Matthew Hatton, tipping the scales at 151.8 pounds. He was given two hours to lose the 1.8 pounds. Hatton, who normally fights at welterweight, weighed in at a trim and ready 149.6 pounds.

The co-feature bout between Daniel Ponce de Leon (128.4) and Adrien Broner (129.8) contracted for 130 pounds went by on the scales with no issue. has photos from the weigh-in.

In New Jersey, Zab Judah weighed in at 138 pounds, with Kaizer Mabuza at 139 for their junior welterweight fight.

In yet more weigh-in action (with more photos from, Humberto Soto and Fidel Monterossa weighed in at 139.5 and 139 pounds, respectively, for their rematch. Obviously they won't be fighting for Soto's 135-pound belt as they did the first time around, with both fighters getting a five-pound cushion for the rematch. The fight is a 10-round bout.

As for Alvarez, if he can't lose the weight on time, Golden Boy matchmaker Eric Gomez says it'll be a 20% fine. The Hatton camp had earlier been privy to the information that Alvarez was struggling to get down to 150 pounds, and made noise about possibly pulling out. That seems very unlikely at the moment, as they'll make more money if he can't get down to the weight, and if he really does put a hard effort into getting down to the weight, Alvarez could be drained coming in. It would appear to be time for Alvarez to make the legitimate and full-fledged jump to junior middleweight. He's been hovering at 150 for a while now, with the idea seemingly to be him fighting at 147 if a good chance came up, but it just doesn't look like he can make that weight long-term, so what's the point?

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