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Photos: 1Two Exposure Project with Victor Ortiz


Since we're always looking for interesting and different "stuff" with boxing, and there sadly isn't much, we're really pleased today to bring you some photos from the 1Two Clothing Exposure Project featuring Victor Ortiz, who fights this Saturday night on HBO against Andre Berto.

The photos are by Carlos Armando Jackson, who was interviewed after and gave some thoughts about why he got into photography and about shooting Ortiz.

1TWO: What was it like shooting Victor Ortiz and being there during a training session?

CAJ: Victor is a kind spirit, and not camera shy at all. I asked him if my presence was distracting and he said, "no, there's cameras around all the time." The session was quiet and intimate. I expected many more people than who were there. It had the air of being important personal business. I wanted to photograph that feeling. I wanted to show that Victor was focused on the work he had to do.

We hope you enjoy the photos, and we'll have a full preview of Berto-Ortiz on Thursday.







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