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Mid-Week Boxing Results: Mundine Gets Revenge, Collazo Comes Back

Anthony Mundine triumphed over Garth Wood in their Wednesday rematch. (Photo by Jonathan Wood/Getty Images)
Anthony Mundine triumphed over Garth Wood in their Wednesday rematch. (Photo by Jonathan Wood/Getty Images)
Getty Images
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

A couple of notable fights (well, kind of notable) happened on Wednesday, and since I'm up against my will and sick this morning, I figure now's as good a time as any to talk about Anthony Mundine and Dmitriy Salita.

Boondall, Australia

  • Anthony Mundine UD-10 Garth Wood: Mundine avenges his 2010 TKO loss to Wood, the crude, 32-year-old brawler who used to play pro rugby and won a boxing reality show. How this ever qualified him to fight Mundine -- well, actually, that's obvious. It's a very Mundine tactic. It's just the first time against Wood, he got stopped instead of winning a routine decision against an overmatched foe. And sadly (?) for Mundine (41-4, 24 KO), it would appear that Wood (10-2-1, 6 KO) isn't really overmatched at all against the so-called "Man." Mundine is 35 years old, has run from real challenges most of his career, and by bouncing down in weight has probably taken a couple years off of his lucrative career ripping off the Australian public. I bash Mundine plenty, and have for years, but I think it has been earned twice over. I will add that basically all accounts are that when he's off camera, Mundine is a very nice guy. I also think he used to be a legitimate talent. He never took advantage of either quality. If you'd like to read some great fluff on Mundine's "illustrious boxing career," and get a more detailed recap of the fight, go here.

Brooklyn, New York

  • Dmitriy Salita UD-8 Ronnie Warrior Jr.: Salita reminds me of Mundine, kind of, except I don't know that I'd say he's ever been a real contender or anything. His trinket shot against Amir Khan was embarrassing for all parties, not the least of which was Sky Box Office. He's now won three straight against lousy opponents, moving up to welterweight (or thereabouts).
  • Luis Collazo TKO-3 Franklin Gonzalez: If Gonzalez's name is at all familiar to you, it's because he was the first of Salita's three straight victims. If this is the route that Collazo is choosing to become a relevant fighter again... well. I've probably said enough. Collazo is going to stay at junior middleweight, but this was his first fight in almost two years so let's see about all that. Collazo is now 31-4 (16 KO).

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