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CompuBox: Andre Berto v. Victor Ortiz Historical Stats


We're not far off from fight time, but here's some statistical comparisons for tonight's Andre Berto v. Victor Ortiz fight on HBO, courtesy our friends at CompuBox.

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In the first table, we look at the comparison between the two fighters' punch stats.


CompuBox Analysis: Ortiz threw 25% fewer punches than weight class average. Berto landed nearly half his power punches and is the harder puncher. Ortiz needs to box, yet isn't busy enough and landed just one of every ten jabs he threw. Ortiz's opponents landed just 26% of their power punches.

Now we look at what Ortiz has done in the past against three southpaw opponents.


These numbers come from Berto's fights against Luis Collazo (January 2009), Juan Urango (May 2009) and Carlos Quintana (April 2010). Berto landed 54% of his power punches against these southpaws. He won all three fights, and only had any actual trouble at all with Collazo.

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