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Video Hype: Highlights of Orlando Salido's Upset of Juan Manuel Lopez

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Click the video above and you can either relive Saturday night's fight in Puerto Rico between Juan Manuel Lopez and Orlando Salido, or see highlights if you missed the fight the first time around and still haven't seen it. Plus it's a chance to see Al Bernstein post-flying bottle attack.

What's leading your race for Upset of the Year so far? A few candidates:

  • Salido TKO-8 Lopez
  • Hernan Marquez TKO-11 Luis Concepcion
  • Nobuhiro Ishida TKO-1 James Kirkland

They're all quality contenders that few if any saw coming. Kirkland might have the most shocking, I guess -- but I think that's largely because Concepcion has no name globally. Concepcion was white-hot and arguably could have been called the best flyweight in the world when also-ran Marquez outbrawled him, while Lopez was up at the top of the featherweight rankings. Kirkland was just mid-comeback. So while the most shocking, I suppose, especially in the manner it happened as Kirkland got his ass kicked and dropped three times in 1:52 before it was just called off, was it the biggest upset?

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