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Photos and Quotes: Vic Darchinyan Shines Against Yonnhy Perez

Vic Darchinyan

"He took big punches. I wanted to knock him out, but he is still a great fighter. It was a headbutt. But if it wasn't a headbutt, I'd knock him out. No more boxing in my style.

"Today I'd fight anyone in the division. I'd like to fight Abner Mares if he'd fight me. If not, I'll fight Nonito Donaire. If they won't fight me, I'll move up to another division."

Yonnhy Perez

"I know it appeared differently from the outside but I was just getting warmed up. At the beginning, I felt that Darchinyan was not as heated up as I expected him to be. I felt I was making headway in the later rounds.

"(But) I am disappointed that the fight ended this way. My head feels fine. I would have continued had the referee not called the fight. The knock down was legitimate -- he caught me.

"Now I will head back to Colombia, relax and regroup and then decide the next move in my career."

Dr. Paul Wallace (Ringside Physician)

"Perez suffered from an arterial bleed. One of his blood vessels had been cut and it was pumping directly into his eye. He gave no indication he wanted to stop."

After the jump: More photos from the fight.

All Photos by Tom Casino/SHOWTIME









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