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Update: Tom Zbikowski's Second Drug Test Clean

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Neil Hayes of the Chicago Sun-Times reported via Twitter this afternoon that a second drug test performed by a Chicago lab indicates that Tom Zbikowski, the Baltimore Ravens safety who has been boxing lately, is in fact clean, and should not have tested positive for THC.

Earlier, it was reported that Zbikowski failed a drug test along with five other fighters. The testing was criticized by Zbikowski's lawyer, manager and boxing coach, Mike Joyce:

"We're appealing it," Joyce said. "After the fight, all the fighters tested were positive. They had you pee in a cup and put a strip of something in there. I've never seen results where you get them the day of the fight. It was like a home pregnancy test or something."

The testing was conducted by a tribal boxing commission in Oklahoma and sounds suspect, to say the very least. Whether or not this leads to any backlash against that commission remains to be seen, but you'd have to think this is going to be taken pretty seriously by Zbikowski and the other fighters who were, you know, reported to have failed drug tests they shouldn't have failed in the first place.

This might wind up being the shortest suspension I can think of, as all of them should be lifted very soon.

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