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Video Hype: Fight Camp 360 Teaser for This Saturday on CBS


The third installment of Showtime Sports' Fight Camp 360 for the May 7 fight between Manny Pacquiao and "Sugar" Shane Mosley airs this Saturday night at 8pm ET/PT on CBS. Here's a teaser for the episode:

Not for nothin' but I will admit I find the forced insertion of "Gus Johnson calling Pacquiao fights" to be really tacky. I'm not saying they could have used HBO audio, but Top Rank has their own international broadcasts of every Pacquiao fight they could have used. We are all quite aware that Gus has never called a Pacquiao fight. Hell, for people who like Gus Johnson, that could even be part of the draw. "Gus Johnson calls Manny Pacquiao for the first time! WILL HIS HEAD EXPLODE?"

But all that aside, it really is good to see boxing getting some network TV coverage in the States. The grand hope for everyone -- fighters, promoters, fans, media -- is, of course, that maybe this leads to actual fights televised on CBS in the near future. They put Kimbo Slice on, so it's not like they're totally against combat sports, and even if that experiment soured them on the fight game, then hopefully this sort of event has made them reconsider.

Also, how about a quick bet? Over/under on Gus Johnson saying "punches in bunches" for May 7: 4.5. You make the call.

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