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Top Rank Giveaways: Pacquiao-Mosley Tickets and Pacquiao Nike Apparel

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Full disclosure: I am getting nothing from this. This is not advertising. Top Rank posted the videos to YouTube and I'm posting them here simply to alert people to the fact that these giveaways exist. I'm sure at least a few interested parties will see them. I only ask that if you see these videos here, and you win either giveaway, you give me the prize. I think fair is fair. Finder's fee and all that.

Here are the instructions for their Pacquiao-Mosley tickets giveaway, where you can also win a signed glove or closed circuit tickets (which I understand have also sold very well):

And here are the instructions for a Pacquiao Nike apparel giveaway:

Good luck if you enter. Odds of first contest winner of second prize (signed Pacquiao-Mosley glove) selling their prize on eBay: 4/7. I've never understood making a big deal out of someone writing their name, but then I don't understand a lot of things people like.

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