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Video: Alfonso Gomez Tries to Teach Giovani Segura How to Dance

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Sometimes, even fighters gotta dance. Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Sugar Ray Leonard have both been on "Dancing with the Stars" in recent years, and now we have Alfonso Gomez trying to teach junior flyweight world champion Giovani Segura some moves.

Now and then, I do like to see fighters cut loose. I remember on "24/7" getting a legitimate kick out of Floyds Sr. and Jr. having a dance-off, and I'm just generally amused by these guys who we mostly see beating the crap out of each other letting off some steam and just getting some kicks. Everything's always so serious.

As for Gomez, who uploaded the video to his YouTube channel, he'll be fighting again on May 21 against Texas club fighter Calvin Green, who you may remember from a 2010 loss to Sergio Mora on the Hopkins vs Jones rematch undercard. Or maybe you don't, and you remember Green from other fights way in the past (way! like a few years!), because nobody bought Hopkins vs Jones II except me and a few crazy people, some of whom I inspired. I still apologize for that.

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