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Andre Ward Day: A Fighter You Should Know

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.


Every time Manny Pacquiao fights, we break our last traffic record here at Bad Left Hook. This time we didn't just break it, we obliterated it. Like, Pacquiao vs Hatton domination. And before it sounds like I'm bragging or whatever, let me get to the point.

That means that right now, in the aftermath, more people are paying attention to boxing. More people are reading about boxing. And even after a disappointing main event, there are people who could become boxing fans and just don't know it yet.

This Saturday, Showtime features the continuation of the Super Six World Boxing Classic. And one of the fighters in the main event is Andre Ward, a young, talented, charismatic American fighter. He's got a legit amateur background (so long as you consider an Olympic gold medal legit), has fought tough fights and won them in dominant fashion, and just might -- just might -- be the next top American star in boxing.

So let's look back a bit and get to know Andre Ward, a fighter worth your attention. Here is an introduction to the undefeated Oakland product, before he fought Mikkel Kessler in November 2009. We'll bring you more throughout the day and the rest of the week.

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