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Video: The Knockout Power of Arthur Abraham

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Yesterday was Andre Ward Day here at Bad Left Hook, and while it's nice to hype up Ward, who is a heavy favorite on Saturday, he does have an opponent.

I won't fib, though: I think very little of Arthur Abraham as a boxing fan. That's just my personal opinion of the guy. I think he's whiny about "low blows," I think he was largely protected fighting in Germany, and I think he was overhyped against solid but far from amazing opposition for the most part. I just don't think he's all that good of a fighter. And the way Carl Froch manhandled him last time out sort of solidified that thought for good.

But he's got one thing that is very real: Knockout power in both his right and left hands. Let's take a special video look at some of Arthur Abraham's knockouts, which without question have counted among the nastiest in recent years.

Video after the jump.