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Video: Andre Ward Not Looking Past Arthur Abraham

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The Ring put up this video from yesterday's Andre Ward vs Arthur Abraham press conference in California.

Ward has said most of this before (about Abraham), but he does go a little more in depth, and says he "totally disagrees" with the idea that Abraham gave up last year when fighting Carl Froch. Froch shut Abraham out in the final stage of the round robin portion of the tournament, and his effort was roundly criticized. Ward feels instead that Abraham was trying hard, but simply couldn't do anything.

Ward also talks about what made Abraham so effective at 160 pounds, as opposed to his struggles at 168 in his last two fights, as well as Abraham's trademark complaining about getting hit to the body, and what he plans to do against the powerful Armenian on Saturday night. He also talks about the referee controversy, saying, "It should be neutral. Period."

I gotta say, I think Andre Ward comes off about as calm, cool and collected in his interviews as anyone does.