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Trailer for 'Real Steel' - Hugh Jackman Boxing Movie Goes Robotic (In the Future!!)

New, comments it.

I'll list style this.

  • This looks horrible bad. Just horrible bad.
  • I don't hate Hugh Jackman, but this trailer is making him look cornier than ever. Although I guess that's sort of what you get. "POW!!!"
  • "Give it up, Charlie. You got NOTHIN' left." OR DOES HE? Or DOES Charlie got nothin' left?

I love movies. I will watch just about any movie out there. Except Tyler Perry movies. Those I won't watch. If I wanted to see high school plays, I'd go see what my cousin's drama club is up to some Friday night. But Real Steel looks truly bad. Maybe even MST3K/RiffTrax bad. And I like corny melodramatic boxing movies. I love Rocky, I love Cinderella Man, I love Diggstown, I love Rocky Balboa, I still haven't watched The Fighter because "Treme" is back and I can only handle so much Melissa Leo. But I can't get into this idea at all. It looks like a movie that should star Stone Cold Steve Austin (whose current direct-to-video action movies are awesome, in that they remind me of the action movies I watched on The Movie Channel when I was 12 years old), not some large-scale production with Wolverine.