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Trailer for 'Real Steel' - Hugh Jackman Boxing Movie Goes Robotic (In the Future!!)

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006. it.

I'll list style this.

  • This looks horrible bad. Just horrible bad.
  • I don't hate Hugh Jackman, but this trailer is making him look cornier than ever. Although I guess that's sort of what you get. "POW!!!"
  • "Give it up, Charlie. You got NOTHIN' left." OR DOES HE? Or DOES Charlie got nothin' left?

I love movies. I will watch just about any movie out there. Except Tyler Perry movies. Those I won't watch. If I wanted to see high school plays, I'd go see what my cousin's drama club is up to some Friday night. But Real Steel looks truly bad. Maybe even MST3K/RiffTrax bad. And I like corny melodramatic boxing movies. I love Rocky, I love Cinderella Man, I love Diggstown, I love Rocky Balboa, I still haven't watched The Fighter because "Treme" is back and I can only handle so much Melissa Leo. But I can't get into this idea at all. It looks like a movie that should star Stone Cold Steve Austin (whose current direct-to-video action movies are awesome, in that they remind me of the action movies I watched on The Movie Channel when I was 12 years old), not some large-scale production with Wolverine.

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