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Shane Mosley's Reputation Takes a Hit Following Pacquiao Controversy

Shane Mosley's reputation is taking a beating since last Saturday, for many reasons. (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images)
Shane Mosley's reputation is taking a beating since last Saturday, for many reasons. (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images)
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Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Last night, a whole lot of "making something out of nothing" started on Twitter thanks to Shane Mosley, then Bella Gonzalez (Mosley's girlfriend), and later Floyd Mayweather Jr. talking about and posting links and references to a bogus "article" that accused Manny Pacquiao of being injected with steroids by a sparring partner in 2009 before his fights against Ricky Hatton and Miguel Cotto. In case you're still clueless, here's another clue that it might be just a bit fake: The "sparring partner" was "reported" to be a Filipino. There were no Filipinos in camp for Pacquiao's fights with Hatton or Cotto, according to Freddie Roach and, oh, everyone else on earth with a brain.

Today, Mosley has been met with harsh criticism from boxing fans. Some of it is a bit insane, of course (we're talking about boxing "fans" on the internet, after all), but some of it is very valid. The fact is, Shane Mosley never should have spread that gossip, and he has to realize that. It was pure fiction and Mosley, Gonzalez and Mayweather put it out there like there was anything legitimate about it, for whatever purpose. I don't know. I'm not them.

Mosley has attempted to distance himself rather unsuccessfully from the conversation today. Here's one post:

I didn't Write or Say PAC was on anything. I said the better man won the night WTF.. that was some philipino guy

Mosley did, in fact, say (after the gossip) that Manny was the better man and won the fight. Shortly after the above statement, Mosley perhaps closed the door on the topic, offering this:

If this gets turned around to me saying that PAC did steroid again that's crazy. People life goes on.

Sadly, Shane Mosley simply should have known better in this instance. Did he even read the "article" in question? At the end of it, the "Filipino sparring partner" said he hoped that Mosley -- who admitted to using performance enhancing drugs for his rematch with Oscar de la Hoya in 2003 -- would lose because he was also a "cheater." The whole thing was so ridiculous that I don't even have the energy to really dig into it and take the size of crap on it that this entire situation so deserves.

He probably won't do it, but Mosley and Gonzalez owe Manny Pacquiao an apology in this case. Whether they realize it or not (and they likely truly do realize it), they propagated a ridiculously weak rumor at the expense of someone's reputation. Gonzalez in particular treated it as fact, and hasn't backed off as much as Mosley today, posting this, for instance:

I quoted what was posted. My convo was ref. 2 his boxing career what he is doing for his country is admirable but I'm saying it shameless

As for Mayweather, what can you expect? He's currently involved in a lawsuit for similar tactics against Pacquiao in the past. But Mosley has in the past always been above this sort of thing, which is why it's been so surprising and so disheartening to see him get involved.

At this point, Mosley and Gonzalez might consider taking some advice from Ron Burgundy and Brian Fantana as to their Twitter usage:

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