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Video: Fox Sports Presents Cubed: Manny Pacquiao's Cologne

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Well this might be the greatest failed attempt at comedy I'll see in 2011. If only MadTV were still around to challenge this, but the Fox connection remains at least.

This "Cubed" thing is apparently, like, a web series by Fox Sports. Since I thought maybe there was a minuscule chance that they were just this unbelievably bad at making fun of Manny Pacquiao's stupid MP8 cologne, I decided to check out a few others. I could not make it past the two-minute mark for any of them, plus judging by YouTube views, nobody even watches this stuff, so I'm struggling to find a good reason they continue to make these, um, "comedy sketches," if you're so inclined to actually call this comedy.

SWEAT BUCKET SCRAPINGS?!?!!? Hahahahaha!!! What a good joke and delivery of the joke!

Maybe you don't get it. Both sweat bucket scrapings and jock sweat smell bad, not good! And cologne is supposed to smell GOOD! That's what the joke is! This is a funny show!