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Joshua Clottey Emerges, Talks About Fighting Kermit Cintron

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After disappearing for over a year following his harshly-criticized performance against Manny Pacquiao in March 2010, Joshua Clottey has poked his head back into the boxing news landscape by discussing an offer to fight Kermit Cintron on July 9.

Clottey tells Ryan Burton of that the offer was "too low" to fight Cintron on July 9:

"The offer was too low for this fight. I won't get into specifics but it wasn't a fair offer. ... I just want to be paid fairly.  I am not asking for crazy money. All they have to do is make me a fair offer and I will fight Cintron."

Clottey (35-4, 20 KO) never had a fanbase to begin with, and many saw him for the first time last year in the fight with Pacquiao. He did himself no favors, and frankly claiming a lowball offer is not new for him, either. But to be fair, neither Cintron nor Clottey have a history of being particularly easy to negotiate with, so this is a waiting game at best with these two. Not only is Clottey not popular, but he now has a reputation of being dreadful to watch and there's little to no demand to see him in the ring again, and he'd be a very tough sell as a main eventer on either HBO or Showtime.