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Video: Bernard Hopkins Bashes McNabb Again, Compares Himself to Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr.

Bernard Hopkins apparently isn't done talking about Donovan McNabb. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Bernard Hopkins apparently isn't done talking about Donovan McNabb. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Getty Images
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Bernard Hopkins recently spoke to CBS Sports about his upcoming fight with Jean Pascal for the light heavyweight championship, and his recent comments about Donovan McNabb. These comments could definitely spark some more controversy, which I guess is his way of building the fight, but, well...Bernard's Bernard. You know that by now. And he says what he feels, constantly, good or bad by public opinion.

Hopkins on McNabb comments: "I ran him out of the town. I said McNabb was a corporate guy. Everybody knows what that means. He's a corporate guy, and he's always gonna be a corporate guy. It doesn't mean he's a bad guy. It just means that it played out in his heart, it played out in his game as a quarterback and as a leader. And it played out in the locker room with T.O. ... If it was Jim Brown, fine. If it was Bill Russell when he played with Boston, fine. If it was Satchel Paige -- those guys have credibility, man. But it can't be a guy who was in the house and never outside, with the guys picking cotton and corn. ... I don't care [what he thinks about the comments]. It doesn't matter, it's just my comments and my opinion. And I answered the way I feel. And you gotta understand that a lot of people don't have courage to say certain things that they feel that they should say.

"It takes courage for Rosa Parks to sit in the front of the bus. It takes courage for somebody to be a leader against something that's wrong and bad and get assassinated. That takes courage, man. It takes courage for Bernard Hopkins to go down to New York City in 1999 and speak in front of the Senate hearings about the exploitation of the fighters in the business of boxing ... it took courage for me to do that. Racism is alive and well in this great country."

He also said plenty about boxing, including an amusing story about having Jean Pascal's belts right now, but I get the feeling the other part is just a little heavier than the usual boxing build-up that he offers here.

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