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Video: The Life of Manny Pacquiao, Including Singing "I Started a Joke"

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Being Manny Pacquiao seems like a pretty tireless job. When he's not preparing for one of his overwhelmingly-covered fights in the States, he's back home in the Philippines where he serves as a Congressman along with his family commitments and, you know, still wanting to take advantage of his fame and wealth by going out and having a good time. Cutting loose. You know. Like a human being. A regular guy. With tons of money.

Pacquiao's official YouTube channel recently uploaded some "behind the scenes" type stuff from a night out with Manny Pacquiao. We'll start as he prepares to go out on Manila, then continue on to some night life scenes and, yes, Manny singing. Singing "I Started a Joke." Seriously.

After the jump: More video!

And now we encounter "Pacman" in maybe his most natural and relaxed habitat, singing terrible songs that we all know. Here he tackles "I Started a Joke." There are about 500 songs I can think of that I NEED to hear Manny Pacquiao sing, and two of them (this and "Sometimes When We Touch") have already been covered. Say what you want about the singing, but he sure as hell seems to enjoy it. It's super famous karaoke with a live band, but I can't get enough. The man is bizarre. Some fighters say constantly how they don't care what anyone thinks. Manny Pacquiao says constantly that he does care what people think, but I'd argue that singing on stage constantly because you can and you want to exhibits a true "who cares?" attitude.

Can you imagine if he could actually sing?

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