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Roy Jones Jr Raps at Press Conference for Lebedev Fight

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Well this is among the saddest things I've seen in a while.

Do you think Roy Jones Jr knows?

I think he knows. I think he knows what this all is these days. I don't think he's like Holyfield trying to unify the titles or be world champion or convince the world he's still great. Roy knows he's touring the world to give everyone a glimpse at what used to be a great fighter. He's not going to Switzerland and Denmark and acting like it's some big deal fight. He's showing up in Australia to fight a guy he took silly presser pictures with, and now Moscow to rap over a song coming off of a cellphone.

I don't think he harbors any delusions about winning fights anymore. I think it's kind of, you know -- it would be nice if he won, but he's not going to go all crazy forcing it when it's not there. And I think he knows within the first two rounds what's up for the night. I'm sure Lebedev will let him know quickly.