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Vic Darchinyan Still Pines for Nonito Donaire Rematch

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006. spoke with Vic Darchinyan, who still wants a rematch with Nonito Donaire. Darchinyan is also still pretty hilarious. Here's what he said:

"For over 4 years, Donaire would not agree to a rematch. I want to show what I’m capable of, yet I cannot get him to agree. I even offered to let him have my fee in exchange for a match," Darchinyan said.

Darchinyan is basically saying he'll rematch Donaire for free, which of course is probably a slight exaggeration, or else Vic Darchinyan is the dumbest guy in boxing. And I doubt that's the case.

I admire Darchinyan's desire for a rematch with Donaire, but is there anyone who thinks it winds up looking much different than it did the first time? Donaire was way too much for Darchinyan then, and Vic -- good as he still is -- is older, while Donaire has simply gotten better. Donaire's speed and power were tough for Darchinyan at 112, where Vic was a monster.

Let's relive the knockout, which Darchinyan has actually protested in comments in the past:

That's straight up one of the best knockouts in years. To this day you can find Darchinyan fans proclaiming this a "lucky punch," as if Donaire didn't totally flatten Darchinyan with a perfectly-timed left hand that Darchinyan allowed himself to be wide open for, because of his insane ego leading him to believe that he was indestructible. Instead he got blown up and apparently still doesn't much remember it.

I'd still love to see the rematch, though. If only because I'd like one or both of them to stop talking about it.

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