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Video: Mike Tyson on Argentine 'Dancing with the Stars'

New, comments has video of Mike Tyson on the Argentine version of "Dancing with the Stars," all cutting a rug with his wife. It's not particularly impressive dancing (he's no Mayweather) and he sort of looks like a weirdo trying too hard during the opening moment, but it's yet another "thing" that Mike Tyson is up to these days, and people seem either amused or truly interested in Tyson's post-crazy life.

Someone put it on YouTube, so we'll embed that for as long as it lasts:

In other recent Tyson celebrity gossip news, his tattoo artist from 2003 is suing Warner Bros. for replicating the ink he put on Mike Tyson's face, which if you've seen the trailer for The Hangover Part II, you know winds up on the face of Ed Helms' character. The artist claims he copyrighted the design and is seeking to get it blocked from the film (this is highly unlikely) and, you know, money.

And if you haven't seen the trailer for the movie, which features Tyson reprising his role as himself, it's after the jump.