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Michael Katsidis Challenges Miguel Vazquez to Fight in Australia

Is Miguel Vazquez a bad matchup for Michael Katsidis, or the worst matchup? (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
Is Miguel Vazquez a bad matchup for Michael Katsidis, or the worst matchup? (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
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Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Australian lightweight action star Michael Katsidis has made a challenge to titlteholder Miguel Vazquez to come to Australia for a fight:

Vazquez is no stranger to big name fights as he won a split decision over Breidis Prescott (the only man to beat world champion Amir Khan) and more recently took the scalp of Australia’s own Lenny Zappavigna, but none of this worries Katsidis. "Kevin Mitchell also beat Breidis Prescott, and I KO’d him in three rounds," Katsidis said. "This will be a huge fight for the Australian people, I would love nothing more than to bring a world class fighter like Vazquez to Australia. It will be great to repay the favour for beating my Aussie mate."

Vazquez (28-3, 12 KO) has joined the top of the lightweight ranks in the last couple of years. He's basically Katsidis' complete opposite -- Vazquez wins without a lot of excitement, relying on craftiness, while Katsidis tends to lose to all the best fighters he faces, but usually in an exciting fashion.

Still, Katsidis is 30 years old and definitely starting to slide. He was woefully uncompetitive against Juan Manuel Marquez in November outside of a knockdown on the Mexican champion, and was easily handled by Robert Guerrero in April. Now those are arguably the two best lightweights in the world, but he's proven to be a clear second-tier lightweight.

In some regards, this would be a good fight for both. It could be a definitive statement for Vazquez as a top fighter at 135 pounds, but really I can't think of a worse matchup for Katsidis. He moves forward still, but without the heavy artillery he used to have. Years of exceptionally hard fights have very much taken their toll on him, and he's just not the tough out he used to be. I said after the Guerrero fight that as much as I have enjoyed watching Katsidis fight over the years, I think I've seen enough of him taking on top-tier lightweights. I stand by that. I have zero doubt who would win this fight, were it to happen.

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