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Breidis Prescott Again Challenges Amir Khan to Rematch

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.'s Rick Reeno reports that once again, Breidis Prescott has challenged Amir Khan to a rematch of their September 2008 bout. On that night, Prescott knocked Khan out in 54 seconds.

It has now been nearly three years of largely uninspiring performances from Prescott, and I'm sure at this point that those who have read the site frequently "get it" when it comes to my feelings on the relevance or usefulness of a rematch. But I will add that another reason I don't care about the fight is that I simply find Prescott incredibly grating, as the man really has just the Khan fight to his credit and might as well walk around with a bullhorn screaming, "I BEAT AMIR KHAN ONE TIME!" while wearing a shirt that says "I BEAT AMIR KHAN ONE TIME!"

But is the time right for this rematch? When it appeared Khan was going to fight Timothy Bradley on July 23, my argument was that it was onward and upward for Khan. But without Bradley, you get into trying to find an opponent for Khan. We just did that and wound up with Paul McCloskey as an opponent, which impressed few.

Khan's current best option, overall, is probably Zab Judah. But for so many, the Prescott fight still lingers. The thorn in Khan's side -- as Prescott is fond of putting it -- is very real for a lot of Khan doubters and even Khan fans.

If Khan-Bradley is indeed not going to happen, does Khan-Prescott II make sense to you right now? Is it a fight you're interested in seeing?

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