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Bernard Hopkins Promises Announcement for Friday Night Fights

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New light heavyweight champion Bernard Hopkins will be on Friday Night Fights this week in the studio, and is promising an announcement.

yo im on @ESPNboxing fnf this friday!!! mk sure yall watch i will hv annoucement on thereless than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply


Hopkins, 46, could conceivably announce any number of things. A next opponent, a retirement, what his favorite color is, a plan to move up in weight, a plan to move down in weight, an endorsement deal with Rogaine, a declaration of his own greatness, another weird attack on Donovan McNabb. Who knows?

But hey, at least you have another reason to watch Friday Night Fights this week. It's a Goossen Tutor heavyweight doubleheader featuring Chris Arreola vs Kendrick Releford and Tony Thompson vs Maurice Harris.