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Video: Bernard Hopkins Finally Explains the Donovan McNabb Beef

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Light heavyweight champion Bernard Hopkins was on CSN Philly last night, and finally was asked point-blank to explain his long-running hatred (it's a strong word, but I feel it's apt here) of former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb. Here's the full interview:

I'll just let that speak for itself. But this actually is, I don't know, reasonable. You know, compared to the rest of Bernard's silly comments about McNabb. Bernard does claim the ability to see through a man's soul, which I find both awesome and hilarious.

But for the most part, Bernard sticks to what he says, just in softer tones. It is what it is. Hopkins also says that this will be the last time he says anything about Donovan McNabb, and says that Michael Vick has the "DNA" that McNabb lacks to get the Eagles a Super Bowl win, which of course McNabb never delivered. If you take out the dumb racial stuff, most of this just sounds like an Eagles fan that didn't like Donovan McNabb.