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Video: Chris Arreola Talks Next Fight

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Heavyweight Chris Arreola has gotten himself in better shape, and it seems like his overall attitude is a bit less cheerful and a bit more serious.

Here's a short interview with Arreola talking about his Friday Night Fights main event this week against Kendrick Releford:

Arreola just fought on May 14, and is taking this fight on short notice as a quick turnaround after knocking out Nagy Aguilera inside of three rounds. Arreola weighed in at 234 pounds for that fight and really looks like a different person right now.

If he does get by Releford on Friday as expected, hopefully he'll look for a big fight next -- or well, a bigger fight. I still like the idea of him fighting Goossen Tutor stablemate Tony Thompson, who also fights on Friday, should Thompson get by Maurice Harris. Thompson is a solid, back-end top 10 heavyweight, and is the sort of win Arreola could use to regain his credibility as a legitimate contender in the division.

Note: The previously linked Arreola Twitter is a bogus account. It's often hard to tell, and in this case I had never heard about the account being a fraud, but it happens. So apologies to Chris for that, but the video's real. I mean it's him right there. OR IS IT?