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Video: Klitschko vs Haye HBO Face Off Buzz

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As soon as this was done filming, I'd heard reports that it was a sensational Face Off. I'm not sure if it can top the Jean Pascal vs Bernard Hopkins edition, but the clips here do seem fun, and the Klitschko/Haye episode of Sky Sports' Ringside recently was pretty sensational.

What's your feeling on this fight right now? More excited than before? Less excited?

And who's picking David Haye for the win? I've seen many start to think more and more that Haye has a serious shot (even if they aren't picking him). Personally I haven't changed my opinion much -- I think it's a great fight, huge atmosphere and tense, and once they start throwing (say, mid-second round when Wladimir lets one fly), it'll get damn good. I still can't pick Haye, but my odds on him winning have perhaps gone from 20% to 30%, and that's about 28% more than I've given any Wladimir opponent in a while now.