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Video: James DeGale Talks About Loss to George Groves

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James DeGale lost his "0" and, from the way he appears in this video, some of his arrogance and bluster on May 21 when he fought George Groves. This is a pretty interesting interview. DeGale seems a bit dejected even talking about Kinect, Mario and Sonic, and then when it gets to talking about the fight his expression changes even more.

I'll not go into the absurdity of "champions" not being able to lose close rounds to challengers, because I've been over that plenty, but here more than ever it seems like DeGale struggling to find an excuse and a way to disagree. It was a very close fight -- hell, I scored it for DeGale. And the question isn't about that fight anymore, it's about if DeGale can recover from it. Better prospects than DeGale have fallen off the mountain before reaching stardom. We'll see what DeGale's got mentally from here on out. Before now, it's all been relatively easy for him.