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Graham Earl Releases Statement on Katsidis Rematch

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Yesterday, it was reported that Graham Earl wanted to head to Australia for a rematch with Michael Katsidis. The two had a war in 2007, with Katsidis coming out on top in the UK, and Earl left the ring in 2009 after a couple more bad losses.

Here's what we said yesterday:

There's no good reason for this fight. Earl hasn't fought in two years and the Katsidis fight essentially ruined him. It was a great fight, but the effects on Earl's career were quite obvious afterward. The TKO-1 to Amir Khan was one thing; the TKO-1 to Henry Castle was another. ... Graham Earl is a very tough guy, but it's not really as if there's unfinished business here, and Earl saying the fight shouldn't have been stopped rings a little empty. Long before the referee stopped that fight, Earl's own corner had thrown in the towel, only to have referee Mickey Vann throw it back for whatever reason he thought he had.

Today, Earl released a statement, after serious doubt around the boxing world was raised in regard to this bout. It seems like nobody has any real desire to see it.

Ever since our last fight together I was promised a rematch and the chance to get my revenge. Obviously I understand that there were obligations from that fight and he had the opportunities to move on.

He got the win that night. He put me down a few times then I put him down. We were having a war in the fourth and fifth and I believe I won those two rounds and the fight was in the balance at that stage. If the fight had continued I believe I would have won.

Last time it was in my own back yard, this time it looks like it may be in his. I love the challenge and will do the job properly and get the result.

A lot of people are saying that Graham Earl is finished, what they forget is that I fought at such a high level, I was a Championship fighter. I didn’t fight that many four rounders in my career they were mainly ten and twelve round Championship fights.

I recently opened my own gym and started my own promotions business, but I’ve always remained training. The last three months I’ve stepped the training up, I’m pushing myself that bit harder and I intend to go into full training for this fight shortly. I’ll be more than ready.

Most fights these days are not great at all, people are paying good money and not getting the fights they deserve. Earl-Katsidis II will give fans the kind of fight they want and deserve. It would be a great fight and I believe the public deserve this fight to go ahead.

I suppose it's possible that a couple of years off have refreshed Earl, and Katsidis certainly hasn't gotten better, but that doesn't change the fact that I don't think too many people are interested in seeing Katsidis, who is still back-end top 10 at 135, face a shot Graham Earl. Earl fighting at "such a high level" for eight years or so has nothing to do with anything. The fact that at last glance he appeared unable to take a punch anymore is more the concern. That and the fact that he hasn't fought in two years. And there's no demand for this rematch.

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