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Video Hype: Looking Back on Manny Pacquiao's Last Loss

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For those who might be fairly new to boxing, or for you youngsters out there (Bad Left Hook is for the children), it might seem like a foreign concept that Manny Pacquiao has, you know, lost fights.

The fact that Pacquiao has indeed lost fights -- three of them -- is sometimes brought up by Floyd Mayweather Jr. when he gets all sad that Pacquiao gets so much positive attention. Let's discuss those losses quickly:

  1. Manny's first loss came a year into his pro career to Rustico Torrecampo. He was 17 years old.
  2. Manny's second loss came when he was 20 years old to Medgoen Singsurat. It was Pacquiao's last fight as a flyweight (112 lbs).
  3. Manny's third loss is this one, to Erik Morales.

We talked about this fight last November, just after Pacquiao moidalized Antonio Margarito in Texas. I think it's a fun fight to look back on, especially for those who may have never seen it. Watching Manny in this fight is incredible. He is almost nothing like the fighter we know today.

The full fight, via HBO Sports, is after the jump.