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Video Hype: Manny Pacquiao's Final Hours Training at the Wild Card Gym

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

This afternoon, Manny Pacquiao and his opponent "Sugar" Shane Mosley arrived at the MGM Grand for their fight on Saturday, May 7. Pacquiao's last day training at Freddie Roach's famous Wild Card Gym in Hollywood was Tuesday, and here's some quick footage of Pacquiao working out in his final hours at his home away from home.

It remains to be seen whether Pacquiao actually will throw that double punch. He has done it before (I believe against Joshua Clottey last March, unless my memory is fooling me), so as ridiculous as it is, I wouldn't totally count it out.

Pacquiao's camp, of course, has reportedly been excellent. Sparring partner Shawn Porter recently said that Manny was better this time than he was for his November 2009 fight against Miguel Cotto. And trainer Freddie Roach had this to say in last week's conference call with he and Manny:

"He’s really motivated for Shane Mosley. … He’s just in great shape and this might be the best training camp we’ve ever had. ... He hadn’t been in the gym since the Margarito fight and he was hungry for boxing again. He missed his boxing job and he was very motivated coming into camp."

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