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Video Hype: Looking Inside Shane Mosley at Big Bear

Shane Mosley isn't in Big Bear anymore training for his Saturday fight, as he arrived in Las Vegas on Tuesday and is gearing up for tomorrow's press conference at the MGM Grand, but here's a look at the converted garage that "Sugar" Shane trains at when he gets ready for his fights.

I always find it interesting to see boxing interviews that are conducted by boxing outsiders. I'm not saying I prefer it, it's just a change of pace. Most interviews end up with the same kind of questions and answers anyway, and I always get the impression that guys like this who don't work in boxing doing the interviews are a little more excited about conducting the interviews since they're probably still more fan than disgruntled consumer or weary reporter or what have you.

Going back to Wednesday's press conference, Top Rank will be streaming that online and we'll be here at 3:30 EDT for live updates of the event. We'll also do the undercard presser on Thursday, and then the weigh-ins on Friday. It all leads up to the big card on Saturday.